10 November 2014

Create what you see

Okay this all got started with a conversation I had with a friend. He told me "photography it is hard if you don't have the right subjects." I told him "it's not about the subject you're shooting.  It's the why you shot you're subject." You just need to understand if you just show the world what yo're seeing you'll always have a great photo.  

Now this way of thinking got me mind running. I will pick one location and stand there for 30 minutes shooting whatever I see, and try to make an interesting photo out of everything that passes my way. I'll put this to practice for the next couple months. I will be put together a series of photos from one location between the times of 30 minutes to an hour. This will also get me back to the streets. The place where my photo journey began.

Let me explain to you what I used for the first run at this.  A Canon 5D mark 3 with a Canon 35mm 1.4L, and note all shoots where taken at 1.4 or 2.0. I'll also try to using different cameras and lenses each time i do this just to keep the creativity going.

27 October 2014

Miami Blues

The other day i had a shoot in the heart of Miami with Anya.  I known her for some time now, but we finally got together to shoot a couple sets.  She called up one of her friends, to use her apartment for the shoot.  first set was a Blue bra and panties set.  We started on the far rug on the floor.  The Black, white and Gray rug was a nice for her skin tone and the blue lingerie.

06 July 2014

Amanda Lee Part 1 (Pool day)

Last month I had the chance to have a day shooting my friend Amanda for Me in My Place.  We had the time to knockout 3 sets.  Like all shoots we had a build up to get into the vibe. This was easier then most seeing that Amanda was a very down to earth and easy going person. 

This set we ran outside to the pool to have some fun and cool off.  We also notice the building had a fire escape, so you know we had to use it.

This no long was a shoot it just turned into a pool day.

After some water breathing we got the shot we were going for.

The face you make when you're told pool time is over.

Then we headed to the stairs

I found the best moments is when she breaks and start to smile nonstop.

If you want see more photos from this set head over to her MIMP app https://fuckyeahshewolf.findrow.com/.

Check out @LittleDevilSmile on Instagram and LittleDevilSmiles on Tumblr for more of Amanda.  

09 December 2013

Tetsuo And Youth Preview Tour

Peace Fam.  I had one of those weeks last week, and ended it at the New Jersey leg of the Lupe Fiasco Tetsuo And Youth Preview Tour.

  This blog post is all about the show and performers.  The Night was packed with a lot of up and coming artist.  The First act was Ro Spit from Detroit.

Ro did his thing and got the crowd warmed up for the next MC The Boy Illinois.  The up and comer from Chicago.  I have to say his show was on point.

New Orleans own Dee1 Had me what the message he was spiting in every line. The newly signed act to RCA Records was a breath of fresh air.

 Mickey Factz was the wake up call of the of the night.  The Energy was hitting the upper level.

The man Stalley was the man that got the crowd ready for Lupe.  I never heard his music before, but i was taking back.  I found myself enjoying the vibe.

Okay I'm done playing now it's time for the man of the hour Lupe!!!! nothing else need to be said. Enjoy!

In the middle of his set Lupe brought out Dosage to give the people little something.

Then Lu Took back the mc and Finish the show

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