30 August 2009

The past few weeks i have been really busy with a fashion shoot for SDJ Fashion. It was one of the best shoots this year, also on of the hottest. It shoot was to show her summer line. The two models Sarah Mayhew and Jennifer Linares was real troopers to do the shoot in the time we had, and the heat.
Sarah and Jennifer
The designer of SDJ Fashion Stacey De Jager was a great director, she knew what she was looking for and set the scene for me and the models and that was that. I would also like to thank everyone that helped out on the shoot. Mr. J my lighting assistant for the day, Alfred Gatson the Video guy on shoot and the video guy and web designer for the S.U.G.M., and the supporting crew of Stephen, Carlos, and Andrew.

Then the photos from the S.U.G.M. shoot was finally picked and will be up soon on the site. i just finish them, and just need to send them to the web designer. Hopefully this week they will be up and i can post them and you all can go to the site and see the finish product.

Outside of that i was just working on my side projects, working on my flickr site, twitter, and my DeviantArt site. Things is slowing down now, so i will go back to a weekly posting on this site. Here is some of the stuff i have been working on.
Twin Giants
my city
Old with the New

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