09 July 2009


This is a quick post, to help a person i just met on Deviantart. She is looking to do some volunteer work in Thailand, i had her write a little something to tell you what its really about and how you can help.

Hello everyone,

In early 2010 i am hoping to travel to Thailand to volunteer in one of their wildlife sanctuaries ans conduct research on some of Thailand's endangered species.

I am traveling with ISV (international student volunteers) which is an organized volunteering program. The total cost of the project including travel costs totals just over $5000, I have raised the majority of the money through my part time job and through generous donations but still have just over $900 to cover all costs.

I am seeking sponsorship in order to raise the remainder of what is left to pay for my project.

Sponsorship as little as $1 would be greatly appreciated, and i am able to provide receipts for sponsorship over $5. You just need to email me your full name and postal address as well as the dollar amount donated for sponsorship.

If you would be willing to sponsor me, even just $1 i would greatly appreciate it. My paypal address is:


You may also send any questions or queries via the above address as well.

I would just like to add that am writing this in compliance with what ISV has told me i am allowed to do in order to obtain sponsorship.

If you would like to visit the ISV site the address is:


Thankyou for considering my sponsorship. Any money raised in excess of what my project costs are will be donated to the wildlife sanctuary in which I will be placed.

Tamika Toune.

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