05 July 2009

This week as been really fun for me...lol. First i had a talk with someone that is finally coming to the grips with the truth. She is starting to see what everyone seen for the past 4-5 years. I think i might hang around and see what happens. I have an idea what is going on, and i hope I'm wrong. Well i don't really care wrong or right Im just seeing what well be come of it. I've also found a book on enlightenment, that i found very funny with what is going on. It's pretty good its called "Stillness Speaks". When I'm done with it i will give you a full review on it. Outside of those things i've just been working on my pictures, still trying to find something new to do in my life. I founded out something new the other day about myself. I'm a real anti-social person, or that is what i like to think. It turns out that i don't like people... well some people, i have a small group of friends and i like it like that. The other month i realize that a lot of people is trying to become friends with me. I have no problem with that, but i don't talk to anyone outside of saying Hi or Hello.

Here is where this all originated from. All of my female friends let me get away with anything, more then anyone else i know and they know. Then when you asked them why, they just say cause its you. Then i was out on Thursday and i got into this convo with a girl on life. i see here before and we spoke, but this time she was looking to see how deep the ribbit hole is. That the end of our little talk she was ready to give her first born son my name...lol. I was like WTF! Then i spoke to my friend and he broke it down to me. "your just a really easy person to talk to and i give off this i care about what your saying attitude. That is what make them love you." In the words of my other friend "your just cured, everyone love you".

I went to a 4th of July party yesterday, and it wasn't was fun as i though it was going to be. I did meet up with some people i haven't seen in a long time almost 2 years. Then i came in at about 5am and was up by 7-7:3oam. Why i woke up after 2 hours of sleep i still don't now. i did get some of the pictures i took a the pier the other day done.... here is the done ones. stay tune for more, or go to my Flickr or Deviantart
ghost pier
water door

My friend from Deviantart sent me this part from a song. that just came out in Russia.
she was trying to translate it for me. here is the full song
here is the translated part of the song.

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