29 June 2009

This was one hell of a week. First Farrah Fawcett from the tv show Charlie's Angels died at the age of 62 from cancer.
Then later that same day the King of Pop himself died, Michael Jackson was found in his L.A. home dead from a overdose or so they say. I don't know but he will be missed.
Today Billy Mays also died from what i dont know, Something about his plane. They think when the tire on his plane blow he hit is head and had internal bleeding, and died the next day.
I would just like to say R.I.P to them, and all the best to there family. i don't care what anyone says about Michael he made Thriller, and I would like to leave you with video, no this movie cause he didn't make videos it was more like mini movies.

The rest of the week i've been working with the S.U.G.M. website. i also got out a couple of night to take some pics.

for more pics you can go to my Flickr site. I will do a new post in a couple of days.

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