30 June 2009

Man i've been having one of those weeks, yes! its more then one. Its like i need to get out of my day to day life, and find something now to do. I think i've reach that point in life where everything is starting to become one, its like i wake up and do to sleep. its just my A.D.D. telling me stop what i am do and do something else....lol. It does that to me time to time. Anyway it will work it self out.

Last week i also got a lot of messages from my friend Le Messie, in Singapore. He is looking for some more help with his False clothing line, and movement. If your your willing to help go Here, and read the False Manifesto. Along side that Lupe Fiasco as also put a manifesto out for his new CD The L.A.S.E.R.S coming out this December 2009. To see the Manifesto go Here and watch the video.

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