17 June 2009

Behind the scene of S.U.G.M photo shoot.

Here is some behind the scenes photos, from the S.U.G.M photo shoot. This is the site’s first model and cover girl. She is a diamond in the rough, and I was happy to have the first photo shoot with her. The day was great! A little on the hot side but she worked to with it like a pro. This girl knew what to do, all we needed to say was smile, and nothing else needed to be said. After the first couple of shots were taken she was off. Can't wait to work with her again. There’s not a lot of people as chilled to work with as she was. When I get the word from the site I will update the blog with some of the pics. There is still one more shoot needed for the site to put her out for everyone to see. Stay tuned……

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